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March 11, 2013
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Everything is Fine... by HavikM66 Everything is Fine... by HavikM66
:iconsmugtwilightplz::iconsaysplz:Yes, everything is going to be just fine:iconsaysendplz:

Ever since the season finale I've been concerned about the last line from Twilight. Why would they put so much emphasis on the situation like that? Why was the line repeated in the episode?
Well I had a thought, what if everything was not going to be just fine? That's when I thought of this...
Twilight still stuck at Sombra's magic doorway. She never left, Spike never saved the crystal empire, her friend's whereabouts unknown, and season 3 an illusion from the doorway.
But why would Sombra let Twilight see all the wonderful things in season 3 and even let her become a princess? The answer is simple. Sombra enjoys making ponies live their worst fears. In this season we saw a lot of progress in some of the other ponies lives. Rainbow Dash trained to be a wonderbolt, Scootaloo got a mentor, and even Trixie and Discord both came to the good side. Twilight may see something in that doorway that she would have never wanted to ever see, her friends growing up, going their separate ways, getting old, and Twilight having to leave her friends in order to do royal duties. Sombra can make this illusion as powerful as he wants, and if he gets bored, he can always crush her dreams...


If it's any consolation, I did feel bad when thinking about this and when I was drawing it...
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the detail is just beautiful,and the story and thoughfulness behind it is great. it gives a enormous depth of thought as you look into twilight's eyes,you feel like you are there.the emotion is portrayed so perfectly.
the artwork at the very first panel to the very last panel ranges in styles,and at the ease of which it happens you barely notice it the first time you read this.
her greatest fear happening right before her eyes plays out very nicely.
i may not be the best with words,but i can say this:
fabulous work my friend!
i hope to see more like this in the future!
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I.... I'm at a loss of words... This is probably the deepest... thing I've ever seen on this site!

Sombra gives her good dreams to let it play out for as long as it can until he decides to let it all break. And if he ever felt like it, he could simply wake her up and let her see what's become of everything, and there is nothing she could do to stop him.

This is everything about Sombra that I liked. The thought of what he did to the Crystal Ponies before and the possibilities of what he was going to do to everyone if he had won, put all that together with the very well thought out traps that he set up as the security system, with his most effective being that door, top it off with the fact that he had no motives other than to be evil and watch others suffer for his amusement, throw it into a blender and hit frapp'e, and you have the absolute most evil and dark that My Little Pony could ever have gotten!

In terms of the comic, it really hit me! I never would've thought of this! Do you realize how many doors for story writing this opens? A CRAP TON! By far the part that hit me the most was the second panel that showed Twilight just dreaming it all. It set the stage for the rest of it perfectly!
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Gosky3 Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I never thought of this, but I have to admit, that line did make me think that hell was about to break loose. I mean, that's like the classic line, "What could possible go wrong?" :P
I'm not much to ponies anymore, but do you hate Twilicorn? I'm just wondering. And why do you feel bad? I don't hate Twilicorn but I'm sure it's an anti-art. Proof: I saw :icontheanticorn65group:, a group I use to hate sooo much, but it's crreping and bothering me now even I'm closer to Minecraft right now.
HavikM66 Mar 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I personally don't hate twilicorn. This was just an idea that popped into my head at the time of the season ending. I personally like major twists like this in stories so I had to draw this comic as soon as I thought of it. After a while I noticed all the twilicorn hate and figured this still fit with it. While this image is part of their gallery I am actually not a member.
Ok. Thanks for info.
Aburameclanhead Jan 21, 2014  Student Writer
Wow what a mind f*ck I LOVE IT THANK YOU
twilightsparkle09012 Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Anyway, GUYS!I Have awesome news..(if you did not like what you saw up there because it made you feel sad) I will try and make you happy!Guess what?They are ALREADY working on Season 5 of MLP:FiM!!!!!(happy dance) Also, the creators are on to something in season 4...I think you've noticed as we'll.Sit back and get comfortable.Grandmas gonna tell you a story.
The first two episodes of Season 4, Princess Twilight Sparkle part 1-2, the Harmony tree glows a light, and that light has six colors.The colors of the Mane Sixs' coats.My theory is it represents magic of friendship.Well, in Rarity takes Manehatten, at the end when Coco Pommel gave Rarity rainbow colored string, she put it on a shelf with other strings- the color of the Mane Six's coats.Then on the Rainbow colored one from Coco, well, that one glows the same glow the Harmony Tree glowed.And when Rarity was at the Fashion Show, and she saw her FRIENDS weren't there, the SAME glow appeared on the suspension rope in front of the chairs.Then Rarity had the SAME glow in her eyes.See?And in today's episode, Rainbow Falls, when Rainbow was "injured" in the hospital, and she looked at the flag on the floor, which Fluttershy, BullBisep, and Derpy (she IS in season 4) leave there.The light comes in from the window, with the SAME GLOW, and it guides it's way to the flag, making it GLOW.Then like Rarity, Rainbow eyes GLOW WITH THE SAME GLOW.Then at the end when Rainbow is writing in the journal, she leaves her medal hanging on the table, then goes plays with her friends.Then her medal glows the same GLOW!Now that I think about it, the GLOW could mean the ponies staying true to friendship, or them representing the elements of harmony, then they won't need the element gems, because the harmony will be within them! I just thought of that.Dang, this is long...
Actually, I think everyone figured it out before you...
twilightsparkle09012 Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This was way long ago. : P
Now, there is sooooo much more!!!^.^
My brain just exploded. I blame you and you're cleaning my ceiling.
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